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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Tumblr


Communications Intern

To Whom It May Concern:

As soon as I finish watching the latest episode of my show of the month, the first place I turn to is Tumblr. I do not need to go to Twitter and click on the critical episode review links because chances are I will already know in my head how I feel about it. Nor do I need to immediately check my Facebook for the lengthy diatribe on how this season is going under because I will already have decided “too long; didn’t read”. For me, it is about what Tina Belcher gif is making people laugh, what seemingly random moment is confirming the latest Sherlock theories, or what scene from American Horror Story can stand to have some Taco Bell photoshopped into it. In one quick scroll, I can see what made someone laugh, what reference I need for context, what confused people, what turned people off in a visually striking manner that I can get instantaneously. Because that is what I want. Those tiny captured moments in those shows or this movie that say something to people. Moments that would get overlooked anywhere else. That is what brings me to Tumblr.

My experience as an undergrad has been primarily focused around obtaining grants and pitching and producing student films on campus. With an understanding of the logistics, paperwork, and time management required for a film production, my experience as a producer would lend itself to the understanding and attention to detail required of someone in a professional business environment. Additionally, serving as a leader on these student film sets, in motivating others, maintaining detailed records from everyone on set, and dealing with unforeseen obstacles has certainly ingrained in me the work ethic, attitude and expectations I ask from everyone working with me. In the long run, all these skills have helped to strengthen both my written and verbal communication skills, assets that I would bring to an internship with Tumblr. As valuable as my work in film production has been though, so is my time working in the food and service industry. Having been both a waiter and delivery person, I have learned the necessities of being able to work under pressure in a timely and accurate manner, qualities that would prove undoubtedly useful as an intern.

If I joined Tumblr’s team, as a media strategy intern, being a part of those discussions to expand and bring in greater involvement from those TV and film studios that produce American Horror Story, Sherlock, or Bob’s Burgers would be just one way I could contribute.

Attached is my resume and please feel free to contact me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or

xxxxx@xxxxx.xxx. Thank you very much for taking the time to

consider me.

Sincerely yours,


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