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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at U. Amsterdam


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I’m searching for inspiration, I’m dreaming about expanding my horizons, and I’m daring to go outside of my comfort zone. My aspirations are to be anything but typical, and my dreams are to be legendary. In a world where success is an ambiguous concept, my passions lie in becoming a connoisseur of all things food. To me, there’s an excitement and thrill behind embracing the underrated and the unknown. It’s a feeling I thrive on- to be able to experience the hidden gems and unique foods that upon first glance most people would be hesitant to try. The hole-in-the-wall you pass everyday on your way to work, or the awkwardly worded menu item that you can’t even pronounce- there’s an indescribable beauty and magic to the very first experience one has. When I’m in Amsterdam, I’d like to spend my time there learning and researching the local food cultures of Europe. I’ve watched documentaries, I’ve read books and I’ve seen pictures of the foods that Amsterdam and the rest of Europe has to offer, but I want to experience it for myself. I truly believe that there is a direct relationship between the exposure I get to different foods and cultures and my skills in food marketing and food journalism. When I transferred to Hofstra from culinary school, I didn’t expect to continue my path in the food industry until I joined WRHU- Hofstra University’s non-commercial radio station and worked on the show “Gary Duff’s New American Kitchen” which helped me see the other side of the food industry that was bigger than just being in the kitchen. At the radio station, I’ve had the experience of a real broadcast journalist and have interviewed multitudes of award winning chefs, attended numerous high-end food events and aided in the execution and planning of food festivals in the city. I’ve done extensive industry research and have written articles and created packages on various restaurants, food trends and industry news. This experience has solidified my love for the food world and I’d like to enhance my experiences even further by taking it to an international level. In my time at Hofstra, I’ve been learning the importance of gaining a worldly perspective and how important gaining a presence internationally has become. In my international business class (IB 150), we talk about how important it is for companies to research and develop an understanding of the culture of a country and what their norms and values are. It’s important to develop an understanding because if you don’t understand the mindset of the people, you can offend them. This is an extremely important concept to my endeavors in the marketing field. In my Globalization of Food Cultures class (GS 105), I’ve been learning about how much globalization has influenced the way we perceive food today. It’s crazy how Chinese food in china is extremely different to the Chinese food we eat in America. The “authenticity” of food cultures is blurred in different regions and I believe that my time in Europe would help me do further research and develop a greater understanding of these theories taught to me in class. I truly believe that spending a semester abroad in Amsterdam will aid in the pursuit of my personal and professional goals and I would use this opportunity to further help what I’ve already started at Hofstra.

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