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Sample cover letter for Internship position at UBS


Business Analyst

I have chosen to apply at UBS because I want to be a part of a firm that is unique and that always tries to maximize customers and employees satisfaction: UBS is that kind of company, with a singular history of successes. Indeed, I have recently noticed that UBS was nominated "Best Global Bank" in 2014 and "Best Global Wealth Manager" in 2013 by Euromoney. The acquisition of Link Investimentos in 2013 is another great success for UBS, strengthening the presence of the firm in Brazil while offering growth opportunities for the whole company.

I really appreciated the words that Sergio Ermotti said in one of his speech - "The important thing is not what you do, but how you do it" - showing that for a company as UBS being the number one bank is undoubtedly a primary goal, but the essential aspect is to create a working environment where employees really enjoy what they do.

Given all I said, I am looking forward to being a member of UBS to experience both a professional and personal growth.

I choose to apply to Investment Banking and – in particular – to the CCS division because I want to gain both technical and strong modelling skills while being exposed to different industries and markets. The last semester I successfully attended the “Investment Banking” course, which triggered my interest towards M&A topics. Indeed, our professor, by explaining the day-by-day activities and the real challenges he faces during his work as investment banker, offered us a comprehensive vision of the high dynamic and competitive environment that characterize the M&A field.I am a quick learner with strong decision making skills and I believe that working in this division will allow me to enhance my abilities, learning from the best professionals. In addition, it will undoubtedly improve my multi-tasking capabilities while consolidating my attention to details. I believe that I will succeed in this area because I am a result-oriented and hardworking person who delivers high-quality performances even under high-pressure situations.

The achievement of which I am most proud of is the balance between my academic career and my personal life. This hasn’t been a simple task for me, since I am attending a high-demanding university and – meanwhile – I still keep playing tennis, my biggest passion since I was a kid. It would have been easy to give up playing tennis and just focus on my education but through the determination that has always distinguished me I am accomplishing to graduate on time, with good grades and never abandoning my passions. My dedication and persistence helped me in visualizing the path to follow in order to pursue my personal goals throughout these years while keeping the right work-life balance. I am not able to decide whether a single event could be my biggest accomplishment or not, because I am always looking to achieve more than I did yesterday, always improving myself trying to be a “balanced” person. 

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