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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at UCAS


Personal Statement


Pursuing a bachelor in management at an internationally renowned institution is a commitment Iwish to undertake with the intention of developing the management skills and knowledge ofbusiness required to accomplish my dream of obtaining a leadership position in amarket-leading firm.

Having been born in (X), it was a valuable decision for me to enroll at (X) and undertake a rigorous educational program in a diverse, multicultura lcommunity. I took this decision to broaden my horizon, as I was certain that the (X) education system would have narrowed my path for the future. My goal for the IB is to finish with ascore that reflects my abilities and that will enable me to pursue whatever globalundergraduate study program I intend to undertake. Having selected a broad range of subjectsfor my Diploma years, it is the syllabus of Geography HL that has inspired me the most. It hastaught me valuable lessons about topics such as disparities in wealth and development,economic interactions and globalization. This coursework has shown me how a lack of managementleads to fatal outcomes such as corruption and unemployment and has started to make mefamiliar with characteristics of good management.

During a community service trip to (X) over the summer of 2014, I worked at a local schoolfor children with disabilities. This made me realize how truly privileged I am to have beenborn in Germany and also allowed me to observe the effects of rapid increase in wealth in onepart of India in contrast with the extreme disparities in other parts of the country. Thistrip was a keystone experience for me and served to increase my interest to study managementin an effort to becoming a leader who values not only economic but also social development.

With this goal in mind, I know I have what it takes to succeed and thrive academically at aninternationally renowned institution. My most valuable characteristic is my eagerness to learnas well as my enthusiasm to undergo intellectual challenges. Having been raised to be capableof managing my life and work autonomously, I am certain that I would prosper at a prestigiousuniversity that promotes self-organization and independent work management. As a keen sportsman, I have pursued a variety of competitions at school and local level. Beingthe captain of a successful soccer team for four consecutive years is what I am most proud of,as it underlines my leadership skills. Motivating my team before matches and workingcooperatively towards a win showed me that also sports can also be dependent on managementskills. Also, I have found interest in reading management-related books such as (X), as this has shown me how good management can introduceeffective measures to not only improve profit but also encourage collaborative and efficientwork among employees.

Approaching management from a social science perspective by being taught psychological andsociological principles is what has sparked my interest in this particular course. Coming froma multicultural, international education system with the focus of teaching global concepts,studying business management in a thriving, cosmopolitan city such as London would be ideal. Ialso wish to pursue a placement at a firm during my studies, in order to establish links tothe business world by showing dedication and commitment to my work. With these experiences, Iwish to establish myself as an internationally minded, socially conscious young adult at the commencement of my business career.

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