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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at UN WOMEN


program specialist

  • With my 15 years of experience in management, coordination, planning and program implementation, I have acquired a high technical knowledge in the most relevant Latin American priorities. These include such Gender Mainstreaming, EVAG/W, political participation, teen pregnancy and maternal mortality with an intercultural approach as well as Latin American women priorities including indigenous and afro-descendants. Using the knowledge I have gained from this experience, I have developed research, models and manuals aimed to generate information about women rights, advocacy, public policy improvements and development capabilities.

I prioritize initiatives by analyzing data exhaustively from different existing sources, which include International Committee recommendations and Gender development index reports. To remain focused and realistic in the priorities, I gather additional information by identifying gaps, challenges and achieving the right approach and impact.

I have also formed joint ventures with national partners such as the private sector, SCO and/or government depending on the final target group. Due to the conflicts and lack of trust between the indigenous population and the government, I work directly with the indigenous women in various projects aimed to improve their lives.

  • I have represented XXXXX and the XXXXin the framework of elaborating the UN system/Government program including in the Agenda the HR priorities.
  • In my VVVVVV I have been evaluated as an exceptionally committed individual, as well as a great innovator who is always searching for new creative approaches which drive me to deliver and ensure the effectiveness and impact while achieving as a result, excellent quality products while expanding and strengthening the alliances with high level decision makers.
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