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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at UN


Project Officer

I was very excited to see this job posting online. My skills and experience seem to fit in exactly with what

the job role demands. I would like to give you some details about why this position seems to be created

keeping me in mind.

My background in the social sector: I have worked in the social sector for 14 years now. Most of this

work involved working with deaf children and their families. From 2006 – 2009, I have worked as State

Project Officer (Karnataka) for the international NGO Deaf Child Worldwide. My role here involved

visiting most of the districts in Karnataka to identify potential partners and also to conduct training

programmes for partner organizations.

Even today I continue to visit these areas as an independent consultant to conduct Monitoring and

Evaluation activities. These activities have given me a fairly good understanding of the rural scenario in

Karnataka, the opportunities, challenges etc. I am also well versed with the regional differences in

language and culture and have tremendously enjoyed working with deaf children, youth and the families

in these settings.

Having prior experience and understanding of the rural context is definitely an added advantage for me

in the role as Business Builder with Be! Fund.

My experience in running my own business: In 2011, I set up my own successful online business. The

income from this business has allowed both me and my husband to quit our full time jobs and stay at

home with the children. We have now reached a stage that my husband is handling all the operations

almost independently and I have decided to take up a job that fits my areas of interest (creating new

businesses!!) Apart from this online business we have tried our hands at other business operations like

exporting of toys and being a distributor of a protein supplement. But we have closed down these

businesses for various reasons.

This experience has taught me a lot in terms of testing new business ideas for financial viability and

understanding if there is a market for the product etc. I am also skilled in making a cash flow statement

for a business, writing a business plan etc.

Why I want to be a part of Be! Fund: I am sure it is obvious by now that the role of Business Builder with

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