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Sample cover letter for Internship position at UNESCO



As an international relations and international development graduate, issues of peace, security, human rights, and intercultural exchanges in an ever progressing and interconnected global (social and political) climate have been at the core of my learning for the past three years. Having developed a sharp interest for such issues as soon as I was introduced to them, I have explored these topics in great depth and consequently, have produced a number of research papers and dissertations focused on deconstructing and analysing these thematics. I am particularly interested in structural issues that impede peace processes such as gender or race-based social inequalities, or the legacies of colonialism that contribute to the facilitation of political violence in developing countries, amongst other things. Through not only academic but also personal research, I have developed high levels of knowledge on such key problematics, along with strong analytical skills.

I believe in continuing the work that UNESCO undergoes towards building a peaceful, equitable, and stable world. Its outstanding reputation in these fields and the goals it has already achieved are truly inspiring. This is why I would like to apply the skills and competences that I have acquired during my undergraduate studies by working for UNESCO. I believe that my values and aspirations are in line with its goals. I would be honored to be considered to intern with UNESCO for a few months and to learn from passionate, inspiring, and diligent individuals. It would provide me with an incredible opportunity of personal growth, and I would be able to gain experience in a field that I am passionate about. Yet I am also convinced that my knowledge, my skills, and my inquisitive nature would also make a vast contribution to UNESCO. By applying my competences to the internship, I believe I would provide excellent work. If granted the privilege of interning with UNESCO, I will be a valuable asset to your team and I will not disappoint. 

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