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Sample cover letter for Internship position at University of Cambridge




Reading any newspaper or watching TV are things we usually do everyday. And because of that we realise that economics is everywhere. Every decision, in one way or another, is driven by economics. I had many questions and increasingly sought my own answers by widening my areas of reading. Shortly afterwards, I developed an interest in economic literature my first being “The Undercover Economist”. From that point I enjoyed discovering many of the classic by authors such as Keynes and other leading lights. By 15 I was convinced that economics was the subject I wanted to study to a higher level.

I was moved by the idea of discovering how economics and welfare were related and by how economics could improve the living standards of every country. This is why I started to read manuals about economic growth and economic development. Studying the manual from Daron Acemoglu, “Introduction to Modern Economic Growth” gave me a broader perspective on how income, welfare, development etc. were related. Over the last couple of years I have been very active in widening my knowledge, making contacts and developing my ideas. A. It’s a forum for international economics, and I blog about inequality, poverty, international trade, austerity etc.  I continue to enjoy developing my knowledge of economic theory, and have been involved in a number of research projects. Lately I have been concentrating on the liquidity trap and its relation with the Pigou Effect. I have also investigated the role of multinational firms in non developed countries, the structure of international trade, and the consequences of fiscal consolidation. I have a SSRN page where I upload all my work. In summer 2012 I started to contribute to a blog by teenagers living in the UK with my own opinions. We are working effectively as a team which is very gratifying. Finally, I am contributing to “El País Online Edition”, the leading newspaper in Spain, on issues of economic development and international affairs. .Academically I am confident that I’ve developed effective ways of learning that work for me. I well recall having a shock around the age of 13 when my results took a deep. I analysed what was going wrong, took advice, and developed learning strategies, that soon bore fruit. I also appreciate that study is about true learning and fulfillment, rather than solely results

In my spare time I enjoy watching TV Shows in their original version, reading fiction etc. I have also made a conscious effort to develop my english given my wish to study at a British University. I feel that my level is now appropriate to obtain the benefits from such a course. I also enjoy chess, and I when I was younger I won a few championships in Madrid.

By studying in the UK I would like to extend my economics knowledge, I would like to have the chance of researching in a really interesting environment. I believe I will develop a bigger set of skills from the study of economics at university. I think that, with the skills I will obtain there, I would have more chances to understand the world and all of its perspectives. I know this is the right course for me and I am totally committed to it. I am confident, therefore, that I will contribute much to the course and ensure that I take advantage of what will be a great opportunity for me. 

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