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Sample cover letter for Internship position at VPCenter



Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is XXX, a new PG student of financial mathematics. My major during undergraduate is engineering mechanics which means quite a lot of mathematics and engineering projects. I had a fulfilling and exciting time in college of engineering for I love to dig into difficult problems.

To enrich my background, I also took various courses such as Economics, Stoke Investment, Econometric and Monetary Banking. From these courses, I was surprised to find that I can apply the mathematics I’ve learnt into financial problems and can study more mysterious problems that are around my daily life. Most engineering problems have a pattern and an absolutely right answer while financial problems are not. Financial market is full of uncertainty and is more fascinating to me. I love to take risks and chances. Of course it doesn’t mean I will treat trading stocks as gambling. But I do love to pursue a career full of challenges. So finally I made the decision to change my major to quantitative finance.

I have been trading forex in FXCM demo platform for half a year. When I was in Shanghai, I kept attending lectures organized by FXCM about forex and took part in simulated trading competition. From these experiences I had a general view of security trading. I hope to learn more about stocks. So I really want to join your courses.

I had an internship in a public fund in Shanghai, whose name is XXXX. Although my role is a sales assistant not security researcher, I saw various financial products and I learnt the operational mode of internet finance which is hot recently in mainland of China. The experience as an Internship in buy side made me realize that the security research and risk management skills are fundamental to my career development. That is the second reason why I want to join your courses.

I have paid attention to VPCenter for a long time. Although I do not have attended accounting yet, I am studying it by watching the online course Financial Accounting opened by Warton. And the following term I will learn Quantitative Modeling of Derivatives Securities. I hope to combine the quantitative theory with practical markets. I believe I am a highly self-motivated person and won’t let you down!

Best regards,


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