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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Viacom


Research Intern

It is with great enthusiasm that I apply for a position as a programming, research, or digital intern for Viacom. As a film and business student at New York University, I have an academic background in creative content development and marketing strategy that readily equips me for a position.

At NYU, I have selected several courses that center around creating / branding creative content and entertainment market analysis. Essentially, I’m studying audience management -- knowing your audience and what they want in order to create messages that attract them to a product or show. I demand self-discipline in researching media. But, perhaps more importantly, I love to learn from others directly. Hardly a day passes when I do not lend a hand to one of my peers at Tisch on a creative project. As kids of the digital age, we churn out content at rapid rates -- whether it’s staging an elaborate instagram campaign for a short film or grabbing a DSLR to shoot guerrilla-style or collaborating on high-budget thesis sets with alexas, reds, or blackmagics. Carrying this collaborative mindset into a professional environment is an opportunity I cannot wait to tackle.

With how rapidly the nature of content consumption is changing, I see no more exciting field to enter than the television industry. Every sector of the entertainment business that I am interested in pursuing hinges on one attribute – strategy. I admire that Viacom has consistently remained ahead of the curve in appealing to niche audiences. In my career, I hope to develop programming, research and strategize for networks, and help to keep network brands relevant. Above all, I want to foster the collaborative mindset I have acquired at film school. I want to join a team of professionals that speak the same language as me, whom with I can learn, test ideas, and improve professionally. 

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