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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Virgin Media


IT Consultant

What technologies do you use and how do you think they link to what Virgin Media does?

I use most of the technologies that are in existence at present, and Virgin Media plays a huge part in delivering them to their customers with their super-fast internet.

What technology do you think will have the biggest impact in the next two years?

Microsoft's HoloLens will be the talking point of the future based on how people are using the technologies of today. There are other technologies also that would have a huge impact in next few years and they are: Big Data, Cloud Computing and Social Media.

Where do you find out about the latest trends in technology?

I am a social media enthusiast. I am very keen on latest start-ups and technologies and I like to be up-to-date with the latest technology news daily through various platforms. (I.e. Social Media, Technology Websites)

What aspect of the graduate scheme appeals to you and why?

The main aspect of the graduate scheme is to be able to brush up on skills that I have acquired during my study and being able to learn things that are required to succeed at Virgin Media.

If you think about your future, what type of role do you see yourself in?

I see myself progressing well in a big company like Virgin Media in future.

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