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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Volunteer



Dear XXXX,

With this motivation letter, I would like to state my interest in joining at XXX especially in XXX division. As A new student of XXX University, I want to increase my ability, knowledge, skill about learning XXX like in XXX. It is neccesarry for me according the fact I am as the XXX majors student to dig deeper about all around XXX. Also the more knowledge about the global issues I get if I could join this XXX division. Skills like diplomacy, negotiating, and lobbying are important to use in XXX daily basic, therefore I am delighted to find the opportunity if I can be a part of XXX. I would like to appreciate if I could add more my experience through organization program such as XXX. It would develop my special knowledge on working and managing myself in organization. I believe if someday I could join in tXXX, I would have more experience because I had my charge in XX division. My second option goes to XX. I choose this division because I am present myself as fun, fresh, and creative person. XXX doesn’t only gain the enjoyment of International Relations students but also contributes in improving each student English skill. Through the games and the events that will be held by Fun Raiser division I am sure it will add more creativity. The University of XY gives me a chance to get in touch with these subjects through modules from both Department of Geography and Department of Town and Regional Planning. In my last year at the ABC University I worked on an empirical study with main focus on transportation costs of suburbanisation and urban sprawl. I really liked my project and I am keen to continue in it. I would like to use my stay in XY for further developing my skills in empirical research and starting working on my diploma project. The possibilities that gives me University of XY further expand those at my home university. I would take modules focusing on Transport and Urban geography and European Studies. I would very much like to spend one semester at the University of XY. This would give me a chance to deepen my geographical knowledge in the inspiring, creative, and cosmopolite environment of one of the largest British universities. Furthermore I could improve my English and increase my confidence in passing the TOEFL examinations after I return. Moreover, I am confident that my experience in London would be extremely exciting, fun, and valuable for both my studies and overall general development. Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response. 

Yours faithfully,


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