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Sample cover letter for Internship position at WCCG



Dear YYY,

I am writing this letter in response to the *** Internship posted on *** University Career Center with genuine passion to work for World Class Capital Group. As a rising sophomore at *** University, I have a genuine passion for Real Estate Investment and, as my past experiences show, I believe I have necessary skill sets to contribute to the value creating real estate development and investment at World Class Capital Group. I am especially attracted to your firm’s long term investment and operating strategy to identify and acquire undervalued real estate assets and reposition it with value creation with management improvement, including strategic leases. This is the exact type of real estate business I am deeply interested and I am very glad that I found this opportunity.

Additionally, I have several personal traits that would allow me to immediately add value to your company. I believe World Class Capital Group has an operating model in which I can make contributions based on my direct involvement with real estate firms in the past and my ability to work with and contribute to group efforts. Real estate experience both in ownership side and construction side provided me with an early exposure to this industry that expanded my aspiration in real estate investment and development. Having participated in a variety of real life challenges from providing day to day administrative support to making investment proposals and attending acquisition meetings amounting to $11.5M, I am ready to contribute all of my capability for World Class Capital Group’s operations.

Working as an active member of a vibrant team has been one of my strongest personal traits along with attention to detail that allows me to make intelligent solution for a team. Out of box thinking has been another personal trait I have developed and detail oriented approach that reveals a different way to look at things taken for granted has led me to provide innovative solutions for my employers. I can see myself thriving in World Class Capital Group that pursues opportunistic approach to reveal a trend before the market does and carry out in depth analysis of risk factors in property investment.

It is my genuine pleasure to apply for this position at your firm and I would be very interested in speaking with you to further express my interest in working for the World Class Capital Group. Please feel free to contact me for more information.


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