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Sample cover letter for Internship position at WSP



Dear Sir / Madam,

RE: Application for 2016 Summer Placement

I am writing to apply for the Summer Placement in the Structural sector, advertised on I am a third year student studying an MEng course in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London, having achieved 77% overall in my first year and 72% overall in my second year. I am seeking my first role in the structures industry and enclose my CV for your consideration.

Both aesthetics and technical aspects involved in designing and construction of a structure fascinate me. Buildings can become a region’s symbol and attract visitors, creating job opportunities and improving the local economy significantly. Innovative structures increase our lifestyle quality by providing commercial, residential and leisure spaces as well as means of transport. Population growth and environmental issues bring the need for improved performance and reliability at a reduced price, making this industry even more exciting. I wish to be part of a team that builds structures that attract eyes of professionals and enthusiasts to them, not only because of what they are outside, but also because of their economic, environmental and social impacts.

At Imperial, I have built excellent analytical and complex problem-solving skills through a variety of assignments and laboratory projects as well as reports and presentations. Completing a number of interactive live projects has allowed me to strengthen my teamwork abilities leading to innovative ideas successfully fulfilling the requirements asked by the client. During the one-week group design project, I designed and built a model of a footbridge and estimated all the costs involved. My enlightening experience as a PhD student assistant at Hong Kong University allowed me to broadly expand my knowledge of bridge structures. During this summer research programme, I spent 6 weeks in a structures test lab studying and performing tests on beams with corrugated steel webs of different characteristics, such as pre-stressed beams, beams with diaphragm etc. After each test I analysed and compared the results with theory, collaborating with PhD students. In addition, my rewarding experience working in a team of five as a translator in Eagle Trading Company, a tyre sales company, involved corresponding with suppliers abroad as well as responding to clients online and by phone. Furthermore, work shadowing the project manager of two residential buildings allowed me to accompany him throughout different construction stages and appreciate the regulatory constraints and challenges that designers and builders face during the course of construction.

WSP Structures department particularly stands out to me, not only because of the reputation it has gained and its award-winning designs, but also because it ensures to address all client and industry requirements through all stages of development of a project at any scale. From Grand Palladium in India, through to Kerry Centre, where WSP used BIM to resolve any issues before construction, WSP has always produced outstanding innovative solutions in spite of all the challenges, not only by gathering a professional team of experts but also by using fresh technology, to improve efficiency. Its role in benefiting the economy beyond the cities is a motivation for me as I wish to be part of a team that allows me to push the boundaries as I take the responsibility to shape a better world. The opportunities this role offers for personal and professional development, working alongside talented people in a trustworthy and caring environment, are truly unique. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to be able to discuss my application with you in due course.

Yours faithfully,

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