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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Warwick Business School


Business Analyst

ABC Tax Services are well-known for its expertise in tax services, the use of innovative techniques and technologies, being a responsible and highly rewarded institution, often named as one of the best in its category, providing high quality services to its clients. As a consequence, I would be extremely glad to join your team in London as it would be the perfect position towards a challenging and rewarding career in the tax services industry. After having obtained a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting with excellent results, I decided to supplement my education abroad with a master’s in International Business and Management. My academic curriculum gives me a wide range of competencies, not only managerial with strong negotiations skills but also technical and analytical in market finance, corporate finance and asset management. In the academic context, I have often been granted the role of team leader, which strengthened my team spirit, project management skills as well as my competencies in dealing with pressure and deadlines. I also had several professional experiences for international financial firms such as AXA, Banque de France or Deloitte. By working closely with asset managers, senior financial consultants and European regulators, these opportunities enabled me to gain core and complementary knowledge about the finance industry that I can directly apply in your company. I can conduct quantitative studies, build innovative strategies or lead meetings in an international context to cater to the specific needs of institutions and clients, in a challenging and fast moving environment. I am driven, energetic and have the passion for delivering results. I am confident I can make a valuable contribution to your existing team and contribute efficiently to ABC Tax Services daily challenges.

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