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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Waterstones


Sales assistant

To whom it may concern,

We expect a lot from our Booksellers, and this application form will take you through some of the

key behaviours and skills you will need for a successful career with us. When possible, use recent,

work-related example as appropriate; however, if you believe that examples from other

activities are relevant and better explain why you should be one of our Booksellers, please feel

free to tell us about it!

Throughout this application form, you will see references to the “Cluster”; a Cluster is a group of

about 5 or 6 shops, geographically close, which share resources and knowledge and work

cooperatively under a Cluster Leader.

Other important attributes such as Flexibility and an eye for Visual Merchandising (i.e.: what

makes a shop look good) are not included on this form but will be discussed with you at interview

stage if you are successful, so you should also think about these when applying.



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