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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Westminister Forums



Dear _____,

I am a recent graduate of 22 years old, originally from ___ and a holder of dual nationality with ____. I have been living in the UK for the past 4 years undertaking my university degree in Economics and Finance at _____. I look forward to join an organisation that does quality work and which enables me to continue my learning and skill development.

I am applying for your Researcher – Stakeholders vacancy due to my interest in consultancy work and seek to further increase my understanding of the financial and business industry. I am a highly adaptable individual, who considers himself to be self-motivated and easy-to-work with. I seek diversity in most areas of my life, as I perceive it is a dynamic environment what allows me to utilize and explore my potential. For this reason I have interest in joining Westminster Forum Projects, where I will be able to explore diverse topics and points of view. Overall, I enjoy the most when I work with motivated and energetic individuals such as myself, with a clear set of objectives and where there is opportunity for creativity and flexibility. My ideal employment program would include on-going mentorship, training, exposure to clients, and the opportunity to take responsibilities early on, which I find are all met by working for Westminster Forum Projects. I have attached my CV where I detail the reasons I am suitable for this position, according with your provided specifications.

I have develop critical generic skills that I can apply to different areas of work, including leadership, teamwork, communication, and project management abilities. I align my skill set with my aspiration to contribute to the learning of others and with my client-focused attitude. I have also developed to high-standards my analytical and research skills. During my final year at university, I constructed an econometric project where I recollected large quantities of data, successfully applied advance estimation techniques, and reconciled my analysis and conclusions with current economic theory. I am certain that my skills and drive, combined with my passion to further enhance my learning, will be of great value for technical roles that require exposure to clients and consideration of their needs. My diverse travel experiences have strengthened my confidence, independence and adaptability skills.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward on hearing the outcome to learn more about Westminster Forum Projects, its members and its work. Recommendation letters can be presented upon your request.



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