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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at World Bank


Financial Sector Specialist

My short yet intensive expereince as a bank regulator and more specifically policy maker makes me suitable to contribute to the advancement of the objectives of the World Bank Group. Growing up in a low-income country and seeing the negative effects of poverty, I always aspired to contribute to the fight towards poverty alleviation through long-term policy changes. Thus, the overarching objectives of the World Bank Group to alleviate poverty and boost shared prosperity, particularly in the developing world, are the key drivers for my interest in working for this institution. Specifically, the proven efforts to date to help developing countries build stable financial systems that are deep, diversified, inclusive, and efficient to promote economic growth.

I am a highly motivated, hardworking with good communication skills (verbally and written). My good interpersonal skills teamed with the ability to work well both independently and with others gives me the ability to perform required duties with ease. As a Regulator of banks, I was exposed to a high level of responsibility managing both a team of four as well as managing the ongoing projects to ensure we meet our annually set goals. In this role, I was the key legal drafter of primary and secondary legislation as well as the key contact for all stakeholder consultation on the regulatory framework. While working as a principal financial analyst, I regularly had to identify policy issues and translate them into working frameworks to best suit the financial landscape. During such period, I was responsible for drafting the microfinance banks framework, as part of the efforts to address financial inclusion. Once we had a draft bill, I worked closely with representatives of the World Bank Group providing guidance to ensure that the proposed legal framework met the intended purpose. Further, in an effort to continue building a stable financial sector, I was in charge of the reviewing the regulatory framework and proposing necessary amendments to the banking law. Under this exercise, we dealt with significant reforms including the introduction of tailor-made bank resolution regime. In my current role as a legal consultant, I am required to have the requisite knowledge of current issues and trends. Due to my strong work ethic and hardworking nature, Management recognized my efforts and I was consistently nominated within the top 3 performers for the Banking Supervision Department.As shown above, I am capable of utilizing international standard policies and translating them into tailor-made working solutions.

I believe that my operational experience and skill-set particularly in regulatory governance modalities, reform and tools, as described above, together with my sincere commitment to your organization's mission, would enable me to contribute positively to the efforts to alleviate poverty and boost shared prosperity.

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