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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at ZS Associate


Business Associate

I am writing to apply for the full time position of a Business Associate at ZS Associates. Based on my research about the firm I am positive that ZS Associates will be a great fit for me and that with my background I can make an effective contribution in the firm’s growth and success. The firm’s focus on marketing and sales strategy, along with the analytical rigor and the qualitative research required has a strong appeal for me. I learnt that in addition to empowering business consultants to manage teams, ZS Associates enables them to work on multiple projects which ensure the diversity in work. All the above mentioned aspects align very well with my career plans. I would love the opportunity to work at a prestigious firm like ZS Associates.

I am currently an intern as an analyst in the Market Risk division of Credit Suisse. In my current role, I am bestowed with the role of ensuring the successful release of business and regulatory changes in the Market risk systems. I have to extensively collaborate with diverse business stakeholders like Risk Managers, IT and the finance teams. The design phase involves a lot of analytical rigor to ensure that the specifications are met. Before this year long internship I interned at a management consultancy startup by ex McKinsey alum where I got an exposure to how a consultant works, thinks and ultimately structures executable solutions for the clients. I also got a chance to virtually create and manage a team of freelance researchers which.

Consulting offers one of the unique opportunities to think about critical business challenges and apply analytical models in this context. These internship experience helped me realize my passion for working in a setting similar to consulting. My current role allows me to interact with key stakeholders. This helps me understand the importance of building a consultant like approach of structured argument to communicate effectively and build consensus on suggested solution.

Working for the firm which believes in creating and protecting value, would be a great place to build my career from a long term perspective. The opportunity to work in a congenial setting which caters to diverse cases and works in collaboration with cross border teams speaks volumes about the great environment at ZS Associates. I would be glad to have the opportunity to further demonstrate my interest in the position by being invited for an interview. Thank you for your consideration.


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