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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Zs



Following recent conversation with lecturers and alumni at Imperial College London, I was alerted of this

opportunity at FTI. I later saw the post advertised on your website and it is with great excitement that I am

applying for your Strategic Communications graduate programme. Having thoroughly researched this scheme at

FTI, I am assured that I have the qualities and enthusiasm needed to succeed and enjoy the role to the fullest.

Consulting offers a continuous wealth of learning opportunities. The early responsibility given to graduates at FTI

ensures that I will always be learning, and this is an appeal that is amplified when I consider the extensive support

of talented individuals and development opportunities available. Besides a committed and collaborative culture at

FTI, clearly evident through my research and conversations with alumni, one of the most attractive prospects of

this application is the Strategic Communications practice itself and the unique graduate programme.

A holistic suite of services tackles the most intimate and dynamic of business challenges on a global scale. The

role promises to generate an exceptionally exciting range of projects within contexts I am naturally passionate

about and an endlessly engaging career. I am also eager to work in as many different environments as possible, so

the chance to be involved in teams on projects ranging from mergers and acquisitions to corporate social media

engagements and other public relations satisfies my need for variety. These are also opportunities for me to

exceed clients’ expectations and contribute to clients’ and FTI’s value.

I am intent on exceeding expectations and sourcing effective solutions to problems. In my first month at Lloyds

Banking Group, I led a project that saw key customer satisfaction measures rise to over 95% across the UK for the

first time in years. This involved creating and implementing effective complaint handling strategies through

constant communications with relationship managers. It relied on my ability to quickly adapt to new

environments to determine and address key issues. It also enabled me to lead a project of my own in a demanding

environment, which was invaluable. Within my other positions of responsibility, I have shown a similar desire to

create value through suggesting improvements to products or services.

Confidently and effectively communicating my strengths to students was vital in winning the campaign for my

position on the fundraising committee. A position that gave me insight into what it takes to lead, manage and

motivate teams. Whilst transferring to the business school from a largely analytical and scientific background I

was able to apply my technical strengths in newer, more commercial, contexts to contribute to some of the highest

scoring pieces of coursework in our year. This current year in management has provided me with wide-ranging

exposure to some of the most stimulating material I have ever studied and it has been largely influential in my

pursuit of this position.

I feel my experiences have equipped me well for this role and that beyond this; I have the necessary drive and


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