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Sample cover letter for Internship position at abc



Respected Sir / Madam, NAME

It is with boundless enthusiasm that I want to submit my application for the position of Intern in Lean Management. As an Engineering professional with over three and half years’ experience, I know my diverse skills and qualifications will make me an asset to the COMPANY NAME. Also an activity as an intern in your company, in close collaboration with top executives of your company, I see as a major step forward in terms of my professional and personal development.

Surfacing the resume, my career is shaped in different dimensions, where I was not just an industrial engineer but also purchaser, lean implementer, consultant, auditor and quality inspector. I thrive in an environment where no two work days are exactly the same. As the wind of change blows, I build windmills instead of walls.

In addition to being professional and responsible, I’m also a zealot for academics. Currently I am pursuing Master’s degree in XXXX. My specialization courses such as Lean Management, Project Management, Production Technology, and Quality Management substantiate my interest in the Lean field. With the same passion I could perform in a project of Optimizing remanufacturing process with the help of Lean and MTM. Given the responsibility of analyzing current state and designing future state with value stream mapping, I could apply my past experience. Ideas of implementation of Kanban, one piece flow production in U shaped layout and continual improvement initiatives gave the results of appreciation and satisfaction of company representatives.

Moreover after my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at the XXX University. I worked at XXXX. As an Industrial Engineer I have been at the forefront of Layout planning, Process optimization, Capital (Budget) expenditure, Time & motion study. Optimizing processes (such as assembly, welding and packing) with standard Lean tools as one of the major tasks, I have successfully used micro-motion study, ergonomic concepts. As an active member of cross functional teams, I was also an activist in TPM, Kaizen, and 5S. Working with a multinational company improved my organizational skills, leadership by arranging sports and cultural events. Presentations, negotiations and discussions with management gave me an experience of international team member.

In closing, to perform more in this field with abiding passion, I would like to start my internship in your company from February/March 2016 for 6 months. I am thrilled by the possibility of being involved in your company. I am confident that I can integrate myself with my academic background and my practical experience profitably in your company. I would be available to discuss your organization’s top priorities and performance you expect from me.

Yours sincerely,

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