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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at accenture


graduate program

Why this Company? Why this joB?

Having the chance of studying my undergraduate in the UK has been definitely one of the best and most enriching life experiences I've ever had. While living here in London, I confirmed the huge gap that exists between coutries such as UK and and my country Colombia. At the same time I realised that nowadays closing this gap is easier than ever thanks to advancenments in Technology. Since I was in my high school, I've been hooked on technlogy and how it affects people and business daily activities but seeing it from 1st person perspective has refuel my mind and body to fulfill my main goal in life which is not only be an influential businessman in the consutling industry but an influential person in the development of my country. This how I ended in Accenture webpage, the best technology consutling firm in the world. My quest to learn from the best directed me to Accenture. Your continous comittment to innovation and high performance is just what attracts me the most about your firm. I consider this are and will be the pilars for succesful businesses, ngos, and goverments in the 21st century. Moreover your values are completely alligned with mines as a person specially stewardship and best people. When I read about best people, I inmediately imagine my family and how I'm the best person I can be when around them, this is what I imagine is working for Accenture and being part of your family, you will get out the best of me thanks to your training and the positive impact of your corporate culture and colleagues.

Why me?

Unfortunately due external and unforseen reasons, I wasn't able to apply for summer internships in any big firm in London.Nevertheless when the cirscumstances changed I came, inmmeditely to London and found a job at a startup. Here I've been able to succeed thanks to which I believe is my most valuable skill which is commercial awareness. This has helped me go from an in-house business consultant intern to head of business development. At this position I have been able to applied my problem solving skils to come with new ideas and solutions. Thanks to the size of the firm and my project management skills I was able to execute and oversee the implementation of these ideas by my colleagues from start to finish ensuring our objectives where accomplished. Moreover since my past summer internship I got absorbed into the world of consulting. Seeing clients come everyday with different problems challenges and engages you more everyday. Here I was able to experience the whole consulting process each client undergoes. I was able to present my ideas to my colleagues as well to our clients making it without doubt a very enriching experience.

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