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Sample cover letter for Internship position at aib



25th August 2016

To whom it may concern,

I have recently graduated a Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics and Economics in NUIG and am writing to express my interest in AIB’s Corporate Banking Graduate Program. I would bring a solid mix of analytical and interpersonal skills which would allow me to excel in this role.

As a student juggling multiple projects from a wide range of topics, I developed excellent time management skills and the ability to problem solve under pressure. The quantitative focus of my degree has equipped me with an understanding of how to utilise statistical techniques in tandem with computer modelling to interpret large datasets and provide detailed analysis. I am sure these skills will be vital in dealing with the ever-changing demands of your diverse clientele and providing robust solutions regardless of market conditions. I am deeply passionate about the field of finance and highly motivated to build on my existing knowledge, hence the opportunity to learn from your skilled professionals and further my education through the QFA exams is a big attraction for me.

Besides my academic career, I am convinced that my active membership of student societies and my experience in sports has created an awareness for strong team values and a natural appetite for victory. Having worked abroad last summer and more recently as a receptionist for Corrib Village, dealing with guests from all over the globe I have developed strong interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt depending on the needs of the customer. These experiences will allow me to effectively communicate and get along with different types of institutional and retail clients as well as my colleagues.

I hope that, on consideration of my attached CV, you will feel that I have the skills and experience to succeed on your graduate programme and become a valued member of AIB.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

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