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Sample cover letter for Internship position at amazon



Recruiting Coordinator


Subject: IIM Summer Internship Program

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to work with Amazon for my summer internship.

Amazon is one a firm with a presence in a very diverse set of businesses. The firm is especially entrenched in the web-based services sector. I believe that this is the sector of the future. This sector has seen the greatest growth amongst all sectors in the last few years and the opportunities are limitless. Therefore I believe that working in this dynamic area is going to be challenging and extremely interesting in the next decade.

Amazon, with the level of innovation and expertise has stood out in its areas of expertise. With a team of extremely talented and creative people it has been able to develop and refine business models for each of its unique businesses. This is what especially attracts me towards the firm. I would like to work in a dynamic or nascent industry, with extremely talented people. What drives me most is the satisfaction derived out of creating something new or seeing an innovative business model work. I believe that Amazon would thus be a perfect place for me to start my career as such interesting opportunities would be plentiful.

All through my career, I have worked passionately and excelled in my pursuits, academic or otherwise. With a predilection towards analytical work, I chose to pursue engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. My stint at IIT gave me an unprecedented opportunity for all round development. Along with rigorous academics, I learned to work in teams and led many of them successfully. Subsequently I worked with two reputed firms and thus got plentiful opportunity to observe business issues and decision making.

A focus on goals and commitment to work are the keys to success. By weaving this philosophy into teams that I worked in, I successfully achieved team and organizational goals. I believe that these attributes along with my educational and professional background build a strong case for me to pursue a career in consulting with Amazon.

Looking forward to working with the team at Amazon.


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