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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at an embassy


business development

Dear Sir/Madam

I should like to apply for the position of Head of ..... I enclose a CV. I believe that my skills and experience closely match the requirements for the job, as follows.

I have extensive private sector experience in ... and have recently published research on the ICT sector, available here:


I am able to design a business strategy, having had much experience of long-term forecasting, see for example here:


I have an excellent business network in the UK. I understand the constraints on SMEs, having been involved in a start-up business (“xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”) and with my partner running a small xxxx business.

I have led many teams in my career and have an excellent record of inspiring and empowering experienced staff, see CV for details.

I have much international experience, see CV. I worked in xxx for two years, living and working in xxxx, so I have a good knowledge of the xxx business community. I have also worked in London for xxx a xxxxxxxx bank.

I have also worked in the public sector and have a good understanding of UK governmental procedures.

My mother tongue is English, I have fair German, French and Spanish.

References can be obtained from the Human Resources Department, xxxx. Also from xxxxxxxx who was Director of Research at the xxx where I was a Principal, xxxxxxxxx.

I look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity in detail.

Yours faithfully

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