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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at apple



To whom it may concern,

My name is ___, Ever since I was little I was alway taking apart things like clocks,tv, video game consoles and figuring out how things work before trying to put it back together. That mark me as the official tech savvy person in my family. I alway was the go to person to help anyone in the family with the computer problem and how fix them. My family and I have been loyal apple phone customers since the first i-phone came out. In high-school was privileged enough to take part in the Academy of Information technology where I able to more about computer support and be able to help me understand more how to be a problem solver and knowledgeable about the different technology I was working with everyday. I later attend Fullsail University where I learned about hard work where class run 24/7, be able to wake up and be early and on time and prepared for anything creating my dedication that if , bring devotion to any and all project I took part of , Striving and pushing to be creativity whether I feel like it or not, Being a team player, working with others to be able to devise plan of action, working out problem between team mates, creating work arounds, envisioning the bigger picture. All of these step has help me mold myself into the person I am today.  

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