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Sample cover letter for Internship position at apple


apple specialist


To whom it may concern,

I am submitting an application for the Apple UK - Specialist position I found available on the Apple Jobs website.

I have been, since 2012, a very famous actor back in my country. Why do I mention this? Simply because this experience made me the confident man I am today. It gave me the possibility to overcome stage fright, and most importantly, got me accustomed to speak with confidence and clarity.

In my opinion, these two qualities are exactly those required for the Specialist position. Stand up to the customer with ease and certainty, convince him and at the same time familiarize him with the product will only place him well at ease in his environment. In addition to my knowledge of the Apple products, and my previous experiences as an Apple customer (still to this day), it will be my duty to widen the Apple Network with the help I could provide to our multiple customers.

Although I am still a first year student at the University of London, my experience and attitude towards the Apple products could make me a good Apple specialist. I would love and be proud to add this position to my CV, since it is a seat in one of the world's most famous, successful and innovative companies of the 20/21st centuries.

I hope I could get the opportunity to prove myself.

I wish you a Happy New-Year

Kindest Regards,

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