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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at atk


I interested in the Marketing Consultant intern position for Circuit and Packaging Materials at DuPont. My work experience at Caterpillar as along with the knowledge that I have acquired through project and classes at Chicago-Booth gives me confidence that I can bring value to DuPont. I would like to focus on a few key characteristics of my experience that I believe can be leveraged as a Marketing Consultant Intern.

 Experience developing pricing strategies: I worked with a local business to develop a market entry and pricing strategy for a new product. The market was segmented and highly competitive, so in order to achieve maximum profitability it was necessary to price discriminate. Looking at the segment with the highest profit potential and by understanding the voice of the customer, I was able to identify a bundled strategy that would satisfy both the company I was consulting for as well as the target customers.

 Familiarity with Electrical Circuitry: A portion of my role at Caterpillar is to react immediately when an electrical failure is causing a stop in production. Although the assembly workers are able to diagnose a majority of issues, when they encounter a failure that is extremely difficult they will call me to identify root cause and fix the issue. Although I am not an electrical engineer, my electrical knowledge will be of significant value when working with the The Pyralux® and Interra® product families.

 Created Model Excel VBA: I have a wealth of experience building models and tools using VBA. I recently created a tool that could extract data regarding product orders and attachments through the click of a button. This tool has automated what used to be learned through word-of-mouth and has transformed the entire process. Not only has this tool streamlined the information, but after it was implemented it reduced the failures due to incorrect software configurations by 100%.

I will arrive at DuPont with these skills already developed, allowing me to focus on the specific deliverables in this new role. You can see from my resume that I thrive on the opportunity to learn new things, this position will be the perfect combination responsibilities that both allow me to grow and also leverage my experiences. My enclosed resume will give you a better understanding of my background and skills.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

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