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Sample cover letter for Internship position at bcg



I address you with this letter to express my interest in a consulting intern position at your firm. I have been motivated to apply for this position by your invitation e-mail and the excellent opportunity I would be offered as an intern at BCG. My sharp team playing capabilities, good leadership skills, hard working character and problem solving thinking would qualify me as a worthy candidate and a valuable addition to your company.

I have acquired extensive team playing skills since my school years, as I played in my school Basketball team. My education also emphasizes team work since I underwent the French baccalaureate program in which I was tested on a team presentation. Moreover AUB's engineering formation which extensively engaged me in team projects and team work environments developed excellent team playing skills that would be useful for this consulting internship.

Ever since early age I have proven fine leadership skills. Participating and succeeding in the MUN (Model United Nations) both as a delegate and an advisor for a team of delegates display my communication and leadership skills, public speaking fluency and time management proficiency. Moreover my commitment in an extracurricular group asere, and dedication to taking charge of AUB's branch emphasize all the qualities I have stated above that qualify me greatly for this position.

As for my hard work character, I have proven my enthusiasm in achieving excellent results. Graduating from High School with an honorary GPA, receiving many academic awards, competing and winning in different extracurricular contests, and maintaining an honor list GPA at AUB sponsor my application for an intern position at BCG. Your company would expect me to go the extra mile as an intern, just as I did in my Khatib&Alami internship in August 2014.

Thank you for your invitation to apply for an intern position at BCG. I look forward to hear about your company in the presentation on September 18th and during the scheduled coffee chat. Please find enclosed with this cover letter a copy of my résumé that highlights my other qualifications and skills. For any additional inquiries please contact me on rec08@mail.aub.edu.


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