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Sample cover letter for Internship position at bell



Bell interests me as a company of choice because of its focus on workplace diversity and equality in its corporate culture. It continues to develop these factors with its growing number of innovative, customer-focused subsidiaries. This consistently challenges the firm to adapt, which speaks to me as an individual who is highly motivated by challenges. I am also inspired by work involving direct customer contact, as seen through the development of my piano teaching client base at the age of 16. Through my innovative and collaborative skills, I believe I can be an ideal fit with this position and company.

Playing piano has been a hobby of mine since the age of six. When working towards my

Associate of the Royal Conservatory Diploma, I developed creative ways of analyzing rhythms and beats of music. This allowed me to interpret the mood and tone of each piece so that I could successfully communicate emotion during piano performances. The challenge arose when trying to help my students foster an understanding of these analytical techniques. In order to help students of all ages, I adapted my teaching style to fit their learning style. I incorporated stories for younger students while encouraging older students to align emotional experiences with their pieces. Developing innovative teaching styles for customers of all ages resulted in unique student experiences and the retention of customers for all three years of my teaching career. This skill is highly transferable when creating solutions for customers.

Upon entering Ivey, I worked collaboratively in a team environment in all my 48 hour reports.

With team members from different a diverse number of academic backgrounds, it was challenging to adopt each other’s perspectives. To overcome this obstacle, I created awareness and voiced member’s individual strengths during group meetings. This made it easier to foster a perspective-taking norm and to compromise ideas to develop solutions. Also, I had high awareness for others’ weaknesses as well and focused on inclusion of group members who were less confident in team settings. This was accomplished by frequently asking them for their opinion on solutions and providing them with the opportunity to speak. As a result, I have maintained perfect, 10/10 individual contribution scores as marked by my other team members and have achieved above average scores for each group report. At Bell, team work and inclusion are values that help the team succeed in its customer-focused work.

These experiences helped me develop enjoyment for customer-focused work in team based settings. I believe my innovative and collaborative skills will make me a good fit for the position and the firm. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you.

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