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Sample cover letter for Internship position at career centre


social media

Over the past years, I have held progressive student leadership and mentorship roles, which have helped me in developing skills needed for this role. Elected as the President of the Erindale Campus African Students Association, University of Toronto in the past academic year, my passion for positively understanding and impacting the welfare of students was greatly increased. In my administration, the peer academic mentorship program was restructured to ensure all first-year student members had an academic mentor to assist in their guidance through their university journey. I also launched the alumni chapter program in collaboration with the Career Centre at the Mississauga campus, which involved graduate students providing advisory services about career paths to current club members. The success of these initiatives made me fully understand the importance of assisting students in their academic and career paths, and the growing need for a more interpersonal-tailored approach when working with students.

Having headed a team of 10 executive directors, 9 sub committees and over 300 student members, skills such as leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution were exponentially developed for me. Working with external organizations including non-student bodies, and presenting to an audience over 500 people frequently, equipped me with adequate communication and public speaking skills.

Aside from my co-curricular participation within school, I currently hold the position of a Publicity and Campaign Director for a non-profit organization within my community. The constant execution of outstanding publicity campaigns has helped me in acquiring essential marketing skills. When I joined the organization, I contributed to a big shift to digital advertising and this led to a growth of attendance from 5000 to 6458 people in the organization’s annual event dubbed” Open Heavens”. This advantageous growth well established the importance of social media to an organization and I believe the same principles apply to students and their careers in this global world. This understanding of the importance of social media has driven me to apply for the position of Peer Career Advisor Social Media Profiles so I can assist students with their profiles.

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