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Sample cover letter for Internship position at cosworth


internship position

To Whom It May Concern,

Having always had a passion in vehicles and motorsport since a young age, I believe that a career as an engineer within the automotive industry would be the perfect progression after completing education. Most importantly, this career choice was made in an educated manner after participating in various extra curricular activities which only strengthened my interest in engineering and more specifically the world of motorsport. For instance, I participated in the coveted Greenpower Formula 24 Racing Competition, where I was part of a team tasked with creating a miniature race car. The experience enabled me to make valuable contributions which enhanced the project, for instance, my suggestions concerning the chassis was adapted alongside another team member’s, allowing me to be part of the sub-team that created the chassis. I learnt many valuable skills such as welding and shaping of metals. Furthermore, having understood the importance of team working skills within the industry, I joined (and became an active member of) the CCF (Combined Cadet Force), where I taught younger cadets on military drills and weapon handling and also attended a number of summer camps where I trained with the Army. The experience significantly improved my team-working and interpersonal skills, which I hope to fully utilise during the work placement.

Despite all these experiences, I felt it was necessary for me to understand how the principles of engineering were applied within a professional working environment rather than simply a school based setting. Consequently, I decided to undertake work experience at one of London’s leading independent garages, Harish’s Autos in Brent. This was initially a week long work experience; however, after enjoying myself thoroughly and gaining an enormous amount of practical knowledge on vehicles, the Managing Director gave me the opportunity to extend my stay for another two months. I gladly took this opportunity to further deepen my learning and was soon allowed to work independently on vehicles. The placement also enabled me to appreciate certain factors to consider within a working environment, for instance, when dealing with a number of different personalities, I realised it is vital to know when to ask questions and learn and when to step back to allow technicians space to work.

Most importantly, I believe that the experience at Lotus Renault GP would be extremely beneficial to me due to my ambition to establish a future career within motorsport; this opportunity will certainly allow me to learn about the world of motorsport and performance vehicles. Furthermore, I believe this experience will also provide a sound introduction to new engineering concepts and technologies, which are often initially used and tested within motorsport before being adapted to be used elsewhere and vice versa. For example, KERS was first used within Formula 1 and is now under development for use in road cars. And the fly-by-wire throttle system was first used in aircrafts and then adapted for use in motorsport.

I believe I am the best person to be selected for a placement due to my inherent interest within the industry as well as my eagerness and willingness to learn. Most importantly, my ultimate ambition is indeed to build a career within the engineering industry. The technical and interpersonal aptitudes that I have developed through various extra curricular activities and work experience will enable me to make positive contributions within the workplace. My passion and personal interest towards performance vehicles and engineering has made me very knowledgeable and I feel this opportunity will allow me to further develop and strengthen my skill set.  

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