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Sample cover letter for Internship position at credit suisse


Qualitative analyst

To Credit Suisse Office Recruitment Team

Dear Sir/Madam

Working as a researcher in state-of-the-art fabrication facility at university of Southampton gives me the appreciation to the development of current technology in general and electronic revolution in particular. My expertise is in MEMS (mircoelectromechanical system) technology, whose application is widely spread across the industry from pressure sensor to accelerometer using in smart phone. This is a force that needed to be thoroughly understood by corporate banking, particularly when dealing with high tech start-ups. As my project is funded by an industry partner, I also understand the role of investment banking in supporting as well as shaping the technology revolution. I would love to acquaint myself with the business world and use my current knowledge on technology to contribute to Credit Suisse drive in technology-based investment.

During my study, I have familiarise myself with a wide range of computer language and application. Computer literacy provides me with an edge on multitasking and time management. I am currently working as Math and electronic demonstrator in parallel to my research work. In addition, by demonstrating students, I learn to effectively exchange information to solve technical problem on weekly basic. My expertise is in discovering the problems and understanding the difficulty of the student to provide them with the most appropriate advises on tackling these issues. Quick analysing and problem solving skills is potentially useful in daily work of a qualitative analyst.

Fundamentally, being an experimental PhD student, I have developed a learning pattern through experiences, particularly the different between model simulation and real experiment due to various unaccounted parameters. Learning curve is steep in both experimental research and investment banking. In addition, I do emphasise on the important of teamwork in doing scientific research. Fellow researcher learned to communicate effectively to solve a technical problem.

For all the reasons I explained, I believe I am very capable candidate for the qualitative associate intern position at Credit Suisse. I am ready and willing to dedicate all my abilities to it, hopefully beginning with this program what could be a long lasting partnership.

Thank you for your time and for considering my application.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully,

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