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Sample cover letter for Internship position at cummins



                                                                                                            14, I Ford Close, Newhaven, East Sussex
Tel. (0044) 7478706166

Mr. Hiring Manager,
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for the position of 12 month placement as advertised on Grad crackers. I am a second year BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronics engineering student at the University of Brighton.

In my first year, I learnt about the distribution of power, power generation and the characteristic of power system components in the module Electrical Engineering and also I studied CAD where I designed and developed products in accordance to the application, cost and performance. The Engineering concept module played a vital role for me in understanding the principle and applications of system models and working. In my second year, I am learning about the controlling and designing of the systems in Mathematics and Control module. In the module innovation and management, I was learning about the management structure, analysing of research and graduate skills. On my personal interest in management, I have undertaken the Prince 2 project management course.

I worked in the Firefly Solar Generator Limited Company as a freelancer for two months. Where I was responsible for assembling and wiring the foldable solar arrays. Due to my reputed good performance, I was promoted to the product testing line where I have to analyse the structure, test the product in accordance to the company standard and report issues to the management. As a result of good team work, we finished 105 solar arrays before the deadline and we were rewarded as a team. As a team member in retail stores enabled me to develop good team work skills, prioritising task, communication skills and achieve customer expectation.

I would like to be part of your team because I am very involved in concepts like power generation system and distribution of power. Furthermore, I referenced your product for my presentation in Generating power and I am very much attracted towards your power generation products especially The Onan which act as a mobile application.

I have enclosed my CV with the application. You can contact me at (0044) 7478706166. Thanks for your time you have taken to consider my application, and eagerly looking forward to hear from you.

Yours faithfully

Gokulan Nithianandam 

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