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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at dack


civil engineer

I am an enthusiastic, self-starter civil engineer who possesses a track record of projects and works delivered on-time and in the best quality standards. I am used to interfacing architectural and civil engineering design of various types. Being used to work in dynamic and fast paced environments, made me highly motivated and proactive in my career and work goals.

I'm very proactive, and always try to go the extra mile for my employer. There was this one time the company I was working for hired a software design company to design us a system for keeping track of dump trucks daily production on earthmoving works, but by the end of the month the software wasn't ready yet and we needed to do the monthly closure report to see how much would the company need to pay each dump truck driver. Being so, I learned myself how to program macros on excel overnight, and ended creating an automated worksheet which took care of the job at the time.

From the technical point of view, I am able to design projects up to the highest standards, especially but not limited to, drawings, plans, schedules, as well as keeping track of construction situation for a diversity of projects. I have successful experience in a variety of ranges, such as extensive CAD design for various types of projects, highway design and construction, residential and commercial design and construction, project budget composition, estimating and biding, monitoring of works progression, quality standards control (familiar with ISO9001), documents preparation and translation and monthly progress reports.

I am now looking for a suitable position in an ambitious & forward thinking company and I think that my experience will be an asset to yours.

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Sincerely,

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