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Sample cover letter for Internship position at delloite



I am interested in an internship at Dellloite Co. for Spring, 200_. With my previous experience as a bookkeeper and accounting clerk, as well as my current position as an accounting intern in an industrial firm, I feel that I would be a qualified candidate.

At UNC Charlotte, I have taken three financial accounting courses thus far, and a computer accounting course utilizing the Lotus program. I have completed my Auditing course, which I know is a requirement for an internship at your company. My university activities include honorariums, business and social clubs, in which I was able to hold leadership positions and become involved in community work.

I am currently working at Worthington Industries as an intern. I have been coordinating and creating projects with the computer using a program called Symphony. Being the only intern, I really value the responsibility given to me. With the Image Temporary Service, I had the chance to gain accounting experience by working for different companies, including General Electric Credit Corporation. Even with minimal training, I was able to adapt to its accounting environment.

I understand that traveling will be involved and I am more than willing to travel for Arthur Andersen. I am very organized and efficient and will not quit until a problem has been solved. I will schedule an interview with you on your schedule at UNC Charlotte in May. I look forward to meeting you then.

Sincerely yours,

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