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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at deloitte




Statement of Purpose

Brought up in a family with academic preferences, my proclivity towards acquiring incessant knowledge and education was evident at a young age. My undergraduate education and a work experience of 2.5 years at Infosys gave me the chance to learn various facets of software and programming based applications of this field through courses in information systems and information technology along with a hands-on experience in software programming. With the help of a firm platform in information systems, through a master’s degree, I aim at establishing my base as an IT professional and work my way in the realm of management and programming. I have full conviction that higher education in my field of interest would pave my way to a bright future with international exposure.

Having worked as a software developer has given me an in-depth knowledge of programming. I reckon that as an IT professional, a blend of technical and business skills in order to work at a managerial position, is a prerequisite. As per my analysis this field is an amalgamation of financial, technological, analytical and reasoning skills, which aim at facilitating the capabilities of an individual. My background in Computer Science would also be highly beneficial in my endeavor of pursuing a Master’s in Management Information Systems. My key interests lie in database, programming and e-commerce that I perceive as taking information technology to new horizons.

My experience as a software developer at Infosys has helped me contribute substantially to my technical programming skills. While working at Finacle, a banking solution provided by Infosys, I dealt with the different requirements of the bank. My major role was to develop and design code, and provide maintenance services for the bank website. I was fortunate to have business level interactions with the client as they made me eager to gain more knowledge and insight of managerial responsibilities.

While being a part of Infosys I handled various projects, but the most intricate of them has been ‘Finacle Interfaces Product Maintenance and delivery (PMD)’. Still an on-going project, its main purpose is to take care of product patches and Finacle releases. Till date, the interfaces we worked on comprise of C/C++, JAVA, Oracle 10g/11, Toad, and Single Sign-On tools. Working in a team of nine members, my responsibilities involve requirement gathering and code development, interactions with client for attaining business requirements, patch support to customers, providing product issue resolution through patches, local testing of patches, support to testing team in certifying the patches, source maintenance, reconcile the changes in next Finacle releases, and support to release certification

During my undergraduate studies I was introduced to various subjects that majorly included database management systems, object oriented programming, analysis and design of algorithm, data structures, web engineering, basics of e-commerce, C/C++, SQL, software engineering, and management systems. The MIS program also has in it the features of IT with concentration in fields like data warehousing, database mining, web engineering, but additionally provides a business perspective to all of them. So it provides perfect association with my undergraduate studies and thus further strengthens my proficiency by aiding my managerial know-how.

Major project being a vital ingredient of our curriculum, I completed mine on ‘Enterprise Resource Planning in education System’. We created an information system software solution that integrated the departments and various functions of the college on a computer system. We maintained the database using SQL. The main aim of the project was to bring different functionalities of the college under one system making it easier for the student as well as the administration to handle varied tasks like, admissions, attendances, etc. The tools used in this project were Eclipse, Toad and Net Beans.

Our minor project was on ‘Online movie ticket Booking’. Herein, we developed a website that provided an interface to the user for booking online movie tickets. The database of the users was created in SQL. The programming interface that we used was Net Beans. Our project was a successfully implemented in one of the local Cineplex and was highly rewarded by our professors.

During my tenure at Infosys I underwent training for a period of 4 months. The training was mainly focused on improving our programming skills; hence we learned core and advanced JAVA, RDBMS, and UNIX. After the training ended, we were scheduled to appear for an examination that would qualify us for our suitable areas of interest. In this test I achieved a GPA of 4.5/5 which is rated as a significantly good performance. This assisted me becoming a Band A employee, which meant I was one of the topmost employees.

Apart from my academic and professional accomplishments, I have since my school days been fervent about extra-curricular activities. I achieved distinction in the NTSE examination and was awarded high marks in the Australian chemistry quiz. I led my college technical fest ‘Moonstone’, integrating in me leadership qualities essential for a dedicated manager. My passion for sports drove me to various table-tennis tournaments during my college and school days. I have represented Infosys in inter and intra-organizational table tennis competitions. These activities instilled in me endurance, confidence and inspiration to continually strive hard in order to achieve my goals.

During my stay at the Carnegie Mellon University’s department of Information System, I see myself as a valuable contributor and practical project based curriculum enthusiast. With guided research and project work, I aim to establish myself as Business Analyst in a recognized organization where I can provide business solutions and consultancy services to the clients. With my academic background and professional exposure, I bring with an undying zeal to become an expert in my domain of IT and graduate as a rare and valuable asset for the university.

MS in Management Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University is a coveted graduate discipline in the current IT market. The university on the whole is recognized globally for the program it offers. Its MIS program is ranked as best in the business. The course work here is well structured and the strong alumni support provides an extra edge. A leading program of such eminence will help me shape up my budding skills and transform as an individual through its dynamic curriculum and diverse student population. With international exposure in the MIS program, I aim to transform into a leading future consultant and network with the alumni and classmates which may lead to the foundation of entrepreneurial ambition.

I trust my background and experience proves my mettle to become the MIS material. I believe to have the necessary skills and confidence in me to be a part of your prestigious institute. With your nod, I aspire to become a valuable contributor to your graduate program. That said, I thank you for your consideration and wait for your positive response in anticipation.


Ishan Bagadiya

International Graduate Applicant – MS in MIS – Fall 2014

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