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Sample cover letter for Internship position at deloitte


business anlayst

September 30th, 2015

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing in response to the Business Technology Analyst May – August Co-op position. After speaking with Sébastien Blais at the Deloitte Consulting information session in Montreal, I have learned that the unique Deloitte culture I enjoyed in the Deloitte China offices is also present in Canada. I am even more eager to come back to Deloitte to continue to learn, grow, and contribute.

Previously, at Deloitte in Beijing, China, I was an IT consultant intern who participated in the tax management system reform project for China CITIC bank, Bank of Montreal (BMO), and Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank (CRCB). I had the opportunity to work closely with the executive officers of clients and various level of managers. With zero background in tax, I managed to pick up the required knowledge in a week. As one of the only two team-members with IT background, I helped write and edit the system reform plans, led three other interns to translate and make evaluation slides for BMO, and created data tables to build the tax management system for Deloitte. The system reform project in China CITIC Bank started rather late, but we ensured that it was built, tested, and went live within three months, which was four times shorter than the regular reform time. Starting from 2016 and onward, these new systems will be used all over China.

Aside from fruitful corporate experiences, my initiative and leadership are shown through my involvement in the McGill Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students (SUMS). As the former Vice President Social of SUMS, I successfully held over 10 departmental and interdepartmental events that brought over two thousand Math, CS and Physics students closely together. I initiated the “Women In Math” event to encourage women in STEM, and it was awarded “the Most Outstanding New Event” of the year by the Arts Undergraduate Society. Now, as the president of SUMS, I enjoy leading the council and especially working with executives with different characteristics to help students and make an impact on the McGill society.

Another reason why I am an adequate fit is that my education in the Honours Math and Computer Science program has equipped me in developing versatile problem-solving skills, both strategically and analytically. I have learned to balance working independently and fearlessly seeking help in others to manage my teams and to meet deadlines. I have also been tutoring students in Math as early as high school – I tutored more than 30% of the student body and prepped Math Club members for national mathematics competitions in high school, and I am currently tutoring McGill students in math for average of 8 hours a week. This has further strengthen my skills in presenting solutions clearly and convincing listeners firmly. I am confident that these attributes will all bring value to Deloitte.

I look forward to hearing back from you about the possibility of joining Deloitte Consulting as Business Technology Analyst next summer. I am most interested in working in the Toronto or Vancouver office as, through my own research, I have discovered that many of the firms these offices serve fit best for me. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I believe I possess the qualities to suit this role well. I am very eager to contribute to the community and grow professionally within Deloitte.

Sincerely yours,

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