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I love working with Uber.

It’s the greatest company I’ve ever worked with,
but it's not a "company".

When I think “company”, I think old school culture – set processes, colleagues (not friends), “9 to 5 because I have to be here to do my job & earn my living”, and “I just want to do what I’m doing and not push the boundaries, because it’s comfortable.”

Uber isn’t that.

Uber is a job that inspires us to work in eager want – we don’t work because we’re getting paid, we work because in our hearts and minds, we want Uber to grow and be incredibly successful.

Uber Employees working hard at an Uber Workation
Cranking at a New Year's Eve Workation with Travis
We debate till 4 am about who our next hire should be, in heated arguments, because we are a family, and we love our jobs. When we hire someone, they become part of that family, and the work our Uber family does is nothing short of incredible.

Imagine a company wide international “workation, where instead of staying in a posh hotel and holding conferences and seminars, you split into small groups of 10-15 people, airbnb a big house in places like Stockholm and Melbourne, & eat, sleep, work, and party together as a team. That’s family.

Imagine a job where you directly (read – personally know and) help thousands of people each year. Drivers who used to work in unbelievably terrible conditions to provide for their families can now earn more income and enjoy a better living by partnering with Uber. Female drivers, who were previously shunned in this industry, now feel safe (no cash) and confident (zero discrimination) while driving their car.It’s great knowing I’m working with a company that empowers drivers to feel safe and earn a livable wage.

Imagine creating a more efficient city, where riders no longer waste gas in their own cars and use uber to get to their job, where partners have more work, and are directed using a computer algorithm to pickup and drop off passengers in the most efficient way possible, and where pollution in a city actually decreases because consumers are making smarter choices. Imagine being in a job where an entire engineering team constantly listens to your feedback, and builds tools to make you more exponentially more effective than you were yesterday.

Imagine delighting customers with surprise "Ubercades", or making them cry with joy when they receive an on-demand barbershop quartet song and roses from their beloved.

Ubercade Phoenix Video for Uber

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