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Sample cover letter for Internship position at disney


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Tiana and Mulan was my favorite protoganist bc I cansee them in me, the inner spirit, passion and motivative behavior.

i watch princess and the frog when i was15 and this song stuck in my head untill now If you work hard enough the fairy tale can come true. My routine life was almost like the Tiana, I woke up work hard and then less sleep as long as I can succeed my goal. I feel that there are no limitation as long as you put hard affort on it. So I like to stay in the creative community which full of creative and passionate people like Disney animation studio the plce that I can grow and meet the people like me. I like to do it best in everything and never ever stop learning. This movie really duck me deep in to my inner heart. My focus is on character design color script and prop design. I love how even the small detail have also to be design properly and cooparate with the mood in the scene. I like to express my self in them put my emotion inthena dn make then come to life.. I know that I not born with natural talent and my country was so far far away. I'm the only dauter in my family. It like mulan, I make my decision take a risk and travel to USA and start my Undergarduate degree at AAU. It like a long wonderful journal I experience the good and bad situation tthat make me grow as an artist and adult. before I got here but I know through out the experience and everything. The first page of my story is just begin and nothing can stop me to working hard to succeed it.

I wish to start my new story with you  

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