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Sample cover letter for Internship position at eClub



During my last 4 years as an engineering student I have been challenged more than I thought I was capable of. In return, I have acquired valuable work habits and mental abilities by optimizing and solving numerical problems, analysing and extracting conclusions from data given and working in teams on research projects. Not only that, I have been on the top 10% of my promotion every year. After completing my first year, I was interested to work in a more fast-paced and dynamic environment. In my second year of university, because I was looking to get enrolled in that type of environment and was interested in learning more about the business world, I decided to fund  

This put me in contact with thrilling entrepreneurs and managers that made me feel passionate about building relationships, having an impact in the financial world and therefore in peoples’ lives. Not only that, being the president of had been goalie of field hockey at theMy passion and self-motivation for getting enrolled in and learn more from the financial world went beyond when I decided to join the VC firm,as summer intern. 

This experience proved my multitasking and time-management skills by performing client presentations, building the financial models for two clients and analysing the AR and VR market

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