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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at facebook


behavior consultant


Dear Sir or Madam: 

Your advertisement for an autism behavior consultant fits my qualifications perfectly, and I am writing to express my interest in and enthusiasm for the position.

Before completing a criminal justice degree from East Carolina University in May, I did an internship with the Public Defender’s Office in Gaston County-District 27A-to further enhance my credentials in the field.

Internship tasks involved: preparing correspondences for attorneys, researching documents, and interviewing clients in custody.

Based on your description of the ideal candidate, I also offer:

  • A solid educational foundation in research methods, criminalistics, criminal law, correctional systems, statistics, juvenile justice, and organized crime in relation to the criminal justice system.
  • A proven ability to build rapport with individuals from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • A record of excellent performance as an intern concurrent with full-time college enrollment.
  • Technical proficiency in software programs including Case Management, Titanium, and FACs.
  • I believe that I am an ideal candidate for this position because of the skills I have learned from my most recent job at Pinnacle Recovery Inc. in Carlsbad, California in which I was a federally defaulted student loan collector. Some of my daily tasks included but are not limited to:

    • Planning accordingly in order to meet daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals
    • Multitasking by answering any and every incoming call, making a minimum of 250 outgoing calls at the same time as operating systems such as FACs, Titanium, LexisNexis, Internet Explorer, and Outlook, all while maintaining a minimum talk time of 2 hours a day.
    • Documenting/notating accounts
    • Entering Payments
    • Ability to maintain a firm, friendly, and professional tone while speaking to clients

    If you agree that my services would be valuable to your company, I would very much like to meet in person to learn more about your company’s needs. Please feel free to call me at (704) 691-4188 or email at melody.busey@gmail.com.

    Thank you for your time and review of the enclosed resume, and I look forward to speaking with you.


    Melody Busey


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