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Hi, I am in my last year of A-levels and currently in the recruitment process for the accounting leavers schemes. I have just been offered a place with BDO for a 5 year scheme to become ACA qualified. Excuse me for assuming I will get an offer from Deloitte but I have the final interview within the next 2 weeks and BDO are in the process of finalizing my contract so if i was to get an offer I would have to make a decision ASAP.

Basically I cannot decide which one would give me the best career opportunities so I would greatly appreciate your help and advice.

Deloitte is for the head office in London and I would be working as a management consultant in strategy and operations studying CIMA.

BDO is for a local office (>200 people) in audit studying ACA.

I have heard the normal points such as Deloitte would be a much better as one of the largest firms, but it also has much longer hours. However I have then heard that BDO is 5th largest so you still get a fairly large name on your CV but also I would get more experience and be able to get involved with more parts of the audit process, especially since it is at a smaller office. I don't if consulting or audit would lead to better jobs after I am qualified?

Please could you help me out here, Many thanks

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