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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at facebook


I considered myself the best suited candidate for the post as I have extensive experience in dealing with all phases of Product life cycle from manufacturing till it reaching to consumers the knowledge is stemmed from my educational experience as pharmacist. As I started my career from a Pharmaceutical industry then joined a hospital as hospital pharmacist and worked elaborately in pharmaceutical use & dispensing. From company  platform I have been working with all stakeholders of Pharmaceutical industry. We worked as ateam on development of country pharmaceutical profile. Then we have capacitated the regulators and representatives of industry on WHO prequalification, medicine quality & safety program long with harmonization of regulatory authorities in line with ICH & WHO Guidelines to boost revenue of economy. These efforts were highly appreciated by government . Am confident that my background knowledge and WHO trainings on essential WHO tools e.g GMP,GLP and CTD concepts along with management experience organizing astakeholders meeting of Pharmaceutical amnaufacturers could be a briiliant information source for Africa which is a rich fertile land . Policies and legislation provide a framework for regulating the pharmaceutical sector, and formulating and enacting them is top most task in this assignment and I am aware of the complex processes involved in aligning al stakeholders

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