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Sample cover letter for Internship position at facebook



I am writing to apply for the position of ………….., an opportunity I learned about through the ....................website. As you will see from my CV, I am in my penultimate year at ................., undertaking a MSci degree in Mathematics.

 Throughout my previous professional experiences in the hotel and catering business, I learnt the real meaning of the words “team working”, the importance of professional hierarchy, and enjoy working with others towards a common goal. Working in a luxury Parisian hotel, and in an exclusive London cocktail bar has given me the chance of developing my autonomy and taught me how to defend my position and adapt my behaviour according to the nature of the client facing or talking to me on the phone. Last but not least I learnt how to have fun while making cocktails for numerous and pretentious customer!

Notwithstanding the most enriching experience I had so far has been teaching to a class of ten 6/7-years old children: it allowed me to discover a real passion for teaching and to develop communications skills in order to convince and attract the attention of young people, who are much more difficult than adults to talk to.

I strongly believe that the ability to adapt myself to diverse countries, cultures, and ways of communicating ideas together with my natural aptitude to take initiatives, acquired and demonstrated during my stay in Italy, France, Ireland and England would be in line with your expectations.

The prospect of joining ........... is extremely attractive. I am confident that my long history of top performance will be of value.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Cristopher SALVI

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