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French President François Hollande has declared a state of emergency and deployed the army around Paris in response to one of the deadliest terrorist atrocities in a western city since September 11 2001.

Saturday’s key developments:

- Death toll rises to 129, with 352 wounded, including 99 in critical condition.
- Isis claimed responsibility, President Hollande calls attacks “an act of war”.
- The Paris prosecutor said the terrorists worked in three teams and that seven of them had died. Isis said eight attackers were involved. One attacker identified as a 29-year old French citizen.
- Syrian passport found at site of one of the attacks. Greek minister says the holder of passport was a refugee who had arrived from Turkey in October.
- Belgian police make a series of arrests in Brussels linked to the Paris attacks.
- State of emergency declared across France.
- 1,500 troops deployed to aid security in Paris.
- Paris in lockdown: many live events cancelled, no food markets until Thursday.
- London’s Gatwick airport reopens after security alert; French man questioned over suspicious items in his luggage, including a firearm.
- Security tightened across Europe, border checks in some places stepped up.

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