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When I read the internet posting for the internship position with your company, I was certain that I would be a good fit for The Boston Consulting Group and this position. I am a first-year MBA student at the University of Michigan Business School studying finance and corporate strategy and am planning to pursue a career in consulting. I believe that my strong analytical skills, and my engineering and entrepreneurial background are well suited for a summer internship with The Boston Consulting Group. Consulting and entrepreneurship have much in common. As a successful entrepreneur, I am: • Resourceful. On November 6, 1997 I started my own company, Sands Worldwide Inc., with startup capital of $10,000. Sands is an exporter of electrical utility equipment and is well-known and respected throughout the Middle East. It generates gross sales in excess of $2,000,000 per year. • Forward Thinking. As the owner of Sands, I have always concentrated on long-term gains over short-term profits. I have studied macroeconomic policies of the Middle East and have positioned Sands several steps ahead of the competition. • Creative and Insightful. At Sands, I have always used creativity to negotiate tough contracts and brought new insight into creating win-win opportunities for both my vendors and my buyers. • Confident. I have presented my company to Presidents and Directors of major electrical utility equipment manufacturers and have convinced them to hire Sands to exclusively represent their company’s export interests. Today, Sands represents companies like ABB USA, Square D Co. and Newell Porcelain Co., all of which are well known in the electrical utility industry. • Easy to work with. I have forged personal relationships with most of my clients and manufacturers. I always assess the balance between leadership and team spirit and mold myself to accommodate to situations individually. I would like to apply these qualities in a new, dynamic and challenging environment like The Boston Consulting Group. I will call you next week to discuss arranging an interview. If you need any additional information, I can be reached at (734) 913-8508 or via email at frank@umich.edu. Thank you for your consideration.

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