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Sample cover letter for Internship position at facebook



Dear Ms. Hallo

I am a motivated and excited Junior exploring the worlds of account and finance. Armed with two years of experience in college and multiple years of exposure in various areas and walks of life both as a leader and a follower; I am eager to enter the world of business. Consulting has always been an area of great interest and mystery for me. I want to unravel this mystery with the experience I am looking forward to gain as an intern in

I have broadened the base of my knowledge from various classes like economics, finance, management and accounting which has helped me understand the functioning of the market and organizations. I also have supplemented my education with various leadership activities and participation in multiple arenas which have helped me perceive and understand the functioning and operation of world and people as a whole. My experience in working both individually and as a team is something I am very proud of. Though I had the opportunity to do coding and programming a couple of years ago, I believe the base I built there would be highly important in . These array of skills, I believe, would be a valuable asset in working as an intern for your firm.

Unlike candidates whose focus is restricted to one discipline, I master both quantitative and conceptual thinking through a unique interdisciplinary coursework in _________. An initiative-taker and macro-thinker, I excel in synthesizing new, complex problems and breaking them down to modular units that command action-oriented solutions. This approach has served me well in a variety of situations, for example:

Impact– At ________ - a mobile startup, I helped raising ____ in seed funding by establishing and managing end-to-end branding with investors, partners, and end users, resulting in major increase in brand equity.

Multicultural Communication –Having lived in Asia, North America and Europe, I am highly adapted to quick-changing, fast-paced environment, and I am used to connecting to people with many different cultural backgrounds.

Leadership– I founded and managed the PR team for ____ that established the first official website, published video contents and improved social media presence, drawing over ___views on YouTube.

I came to XY College with a mission to leave an impact – through deepening knowledge, fostering innovations and driving progress. As a life-long learner, I seek an environment where I could better myself while improving others’ lives. Given the diversity of talents and opportunities at Bain, I believe there is no better place for me to gain these experiences.

I would appreciate an opportunity to interview. Thank you for your consideration. 

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