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Business Analyst

et me tell you why, although this is only my view. I am a mechanical engineering student and have the most warm regards and respect for computer science or information technology students and I also respect the contribution that they have made. Save the computers and gadgets, all the things that you find are manufactured mechanically, so to say, even your computer and its components. You walk past a flashy car and you boast of its speed. But, in deed, it is the art of a mechanical engineer to design an engine suited to your standards and riches. It is the art of a mechanical (and aeronautical) engineer that builds so powerful aeroplanes. It is the mind of a mechanical engineer that goes into your air conditioner and fridge. You eat and enjoy all day in a room and keep programming, but mechanical, electrical, civil engineers swelt it out in the heat to make things comfy for you. Every thing of everyday has the contribution of a mechanical engineer. At the end of the day, when you go home and your wife asks you to fix the pipe or repair a broken hinge you turn to mechanical engineering to make her happy. Your son/daughter asks you to make a wooden model, you build it - there's mechanical engineering for you. Yes, mechanical engineering does not offer you much to have your pockets fat or your accounts healthy, but it saves. It is the engineering of trade and survival. You need to know how things work. And that is MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. Working conditions are not very well? It may seem like that to you. But, that is where we earn our livelihood and where we make your life comfortable. Like they said, "Do not judge a book by its cover.", I say - "Do not judge a mechanical engineer by his/her salary or lifestyle.". WE ARE MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, AND WE RULE THE WORLD. 

Anu Reddy, G Abhinav Varma, did you like my ans

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