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Sample cover letter for Internship position at facebook



  1. Connections matter (unfortunately). I don’t mean you need to know the CEO of the company personally, but any sort of “in” that you can get will help. Even if you’re resume has “President of the United States”, knowing somebody will usually give you a huge leg up. Why? Consider it this way: when somebody introduces you to HR, they’re recommending you for the position themselves, a past or current employee. However, when you apply online, who’s recommending you? The internet. You’re in the same bag as cat memes and youtube videos of people getting hit in unpleasant places. How’s that sound? I’m not saying applying online is useless, but it’s much harder to make yourself stand out over hundreds of applications (especially with all those cats everywhere).
  2. Don’t apply for the jobs you want to be doing, but the jobs that will get you to where you want to be. This one is a little confusing. An internship is a stepping stone, and is anything but permanent. While some positions and some companies may look better than others, see if the spots they offer are going to give you the qualifications for what you want to do AFTER college. Granted, the job you want may be the job that gets you places, but if that’s the case then you better be applying for that one.
  3. When you have an interview, do your research, but don’t show it off. It’s always essential to know what you’re talking about during an interview, but it’s much better to show them what you know in a bit of a backwards fashion. For example, you may know all about “the company’s commitment to fostering an atmosphere for design and competition”, which is great. 
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